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The Most Advanced Heating Elements in the World

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SPIFE 4000

Our customer Helena Laboratories Corporation ( ), in Beaumont Texas, is about to release the newest generation of its analyzers for Clinical Electrophoresis, the SPIFE® 4000. With advice from expert users and Focus Groups, Helena developed the SPIFE® 4000 to provide batch-mode, walk-away automation for all aspects of electrophoresis and densitometry, including sample handling and gel transfers.


Electrophoresis is the motion of dispersed particles relative to a fluid under the influence of a spatially uniform electric field. This electro kinetic phenomenon is applied to create enzymatic assays in analyzers for immunofixation procedures. Wet cellulose acetate gels are used for clinical electrophoresis applications including haemoglobin, serum proteins for monoclonal gammapathies, urine proteins, isoenzymes, lipo and glycoproteins.


A coiled type heater, wound around a monoclinic silicate frame, and equipped with a temperature limiting device and isolated electrical leads is used to dry the gel plates during the electrophoresis procedure. As a contract manufacturer for electrical heating elements, Eichenauer specifically engineered this heater to the application's specifications and requirements.